All i ever hear is stories of once broken hearted people who are stronger ,& wiser now . I am waiting for this to happen to me . I am waiting to no longer be angry & hurt . I am waiting to understand . Yes , dont get me wrong i’ve changed because of you. Because of the lessons you taught me but i’m not sure those are the lessons i was intended to learn . To be heartless , and show no emotions is all you taught me. To fear and run , to leave others when i think they care about me to aviod them getting the chance to hurt me . To leave if i feel like im getting attached .I learned to never respect anyones feelings because i once loved hard and true & my feelings were not respected one bit . & i’ll probably never admit this out loud but i dont like who im becoming though i pretend to . I am becoming exactly what ruined me. A monster . Because its been a while , and im still not healed yet . Getting ripped to shreds never empowered me though i may act like it did . That only happens in movies , but in real life theres no happy ending .. at least not for me.
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